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So, we were WANTING to go to WPPI, but just could not figure out a way to swing it, because it is kind of pricey at $399 a ticket and then airfare and hotel, so it was just on our wishlist for this year and we had decided to put it off until NEXT year. Well, Photography BlogSites, who hosts our entire site, decided to have some giveaways... 5 free passes to WPPI! And as luck would have it, I WON ONE!! :) So, then I used the discount link on WPPI's site to register at the MGM Grand, making it only $109 a night with no resort fees! Woot! We are so excited! Oh, and Stephen got a free pass to because he is a student! How awesome is that!? Now we are spending time trying to decide which classes to take, because there are a gazillion speakers and there are