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Ok, so we are leaving Sunday morning at 6:22 am! WOW, that's early! However, the airlines suggest you get there TWO HOURS early... so 4:22 am! When I told my oldest son, Devin, that he will have to drive us that early, he gave me a not so nice look, but then I told him he could come back home and go back to bed, and he was more ok with it! lol We have a super full schedule some days and not so much on others, which is fine with us! So, here it is again, with revisions in case anyone wants to stalk us lol: Sunday: Kirk Voclain, Launch Pad, Bob & Dawn Davis, meet up with the Clickin Moms, Sony Fashion Show, School Party Monday: Sarah Petty, trade show, Rick Ferro, ecker at Leather Craftsman, Clay Blackmore, Kevin Kubota, Canon Event, SmugMug/Bay Photo Party Tuesday: Louis Pang, ecker's Avatar



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We had an impromtu shoot with a good friend back before all the snow. Here are a few images from that shoot! It was a lot of fun, and she is just a wonderful model!:) We did not end up going to the West Bottoms, but found a couple of really cool places to shoot anyway!:) CLICK on the images to see them bigger!:)

So, I thought I would write a post about what we are doing to prepare for WPPI. So, here is a list of things we are taking, what classes we are attending, etc. This is our "master" list. Feel free to share any tips via the comments, since this is our first year!:) What to Bring to Vegas: (This is just the list I made for myself! ) Business Cards - LOTS of these, I guess they do drawings and you have to enter with your biz card! Plus to hand out to other attendees! Business casual clothing - they say wear what you would wear when meeting with clients. Some people say jeans during the day or business casual, and dressier at night. I figure I am going to do business casual most of the time, even for the evening, because I don't plan to go anywhere black tie! LOL Comfortable shoes - this