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Suz is such an awesome person!  I know she will do great things in life! I can't wait to see what the next chapter brings her!:) Here are some things Suz wants you to know about her! I love Jesus! I work at Worlds of Fun as a costumed character. I am studying Japanese. I am going to Central Bible College in the fall. I am homeschooled and graduating at 16. I am the worship leader for my youth group. I taught myself HTML and CSS and made my first website when I was 9. I play five instruments: Guitar, Piano, Ukulele, Bass Guitar and Vocal Chords. I thoroughly enjoy chocolate covered pretzels. I want to be a missionary in Asia when I grow up. Good luck Suz!:)

We have been friends with Gregg and Connie for years, so we were so excited when they asked us to capture their photographs!:) This actually started out as a session just for Gregg, because he needed some pictures for church, but we added Connie into the shoot! The 10 things you should know list is all about Gregg lol: Boston terrier lover - family has raised them for generations. Dr. Who fan. Celebrating 20 years as a LCMS Pastor. Celebrating 25 years married to Connie. (I have the cuts and bruises to prove it!) We can celebrate 25 years together because we banned playing "Risk" with each other. Love reading & playing with my kids. Gadget lover. Love performing in musical theater. Hate spiders, and snakes hate me. Sang and recorded with a touring choral group in seminary (The Kantorei)

We had such a great time photographing the Wolff family! But then, we absolutely LOVE them, so that makes it easy!:) The Wolff's would like you to know the following about them: We love road trips. We enjoy hanging out with friends. Abby & Jeremy are future Jedi Masters. We're a CYT family. Abby is a Lego freak. Jeremy thinks trains are the coolest things ever. Abby is a future author and illustrator. Chad loves golf. Rachel loves Chad. We believe in salvation by grace through Jesus Christ.

Even though they say they have nothing in common, they are just absolutely made for each other! We were very blessed to be able to create their engagement photographs for them! Here is some stuff they want you to know about them!:) We got engaged on 4-20-11. We have 2 dogs named Watson & Galahad. We enjoy going to zoos (especially ones in other states!) We LOVE Sushi! We make our own at home all the time! Jon had Watson when we got together, but we adopted Galahad last February. Between the two of us, we have 9 siblings and 12 nieces and nephews. Between the 2 of us, we have 3 kidneys! Jon didn't text much when he met Audrey and within 1 week, he had to get unlimited texting! We text way more than we talk on the phone now, but our first phone conversation was over 3 hours long! We have NOTHING in common!

We absolutely love photographing Hayley! I can't wait until she is a Senior and we can do her Senior shoot!:) We would love to have her model for us anytime!:) Hayley would like you to know this about her: I am on an improv team. I'm hoping to be a trapeze artist. I have toe-thumbs. I am almost always wearing a red hat. Irish Spring is my favorite smell. My middle name is Michelle. I am a huge goof! I love the cello. I'd rather play Zelda than Halo. My brother is my best friend.

Beth is one of the most amazing teenagers I have ever had the pleasure of knowing! She has such a giving heart and she is a wonderful leader. She will definitely go far in life!:) Beth wants you to know this about her: My favorite animal is a turtle. I am the only daughter in my family with 3 brothers. I'm going to Hannibal-LaGrange University next year. I am an odd teenager - I don't like texting. I have an enormous shoe collection. I could eat at Chipotle every day and not get tired of it. My favorite colors are lime green and turquoise. I love singing. I LOVE Stam Chocolaterie! My favorite unknown hobby is clay sculpting and throwing.