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I am soooo loving that SmugMug and Photography Blogsites have teamed up to integrate SmugMug galleries into your blogsite! This is awesome!:) So, here is how it works: Load your images into SmugMug. I am using photos I took of my son, but normally I would be loading my watermarked proofs into a proofing gallery. Second, you will want to change a setting in SmugMug: Go to Tools - Gallery Settings - Then under Security & Privacy, make sure you click YES to External Links! If you don't click YES, your gallery will not come up in your blog post! (Ask me how I know this! lol) Then, you will just click on the button in your Add New Post page that says SmugMug. That will bring you to THIS page: Where it says Choose a Gallery, just drop down and click the gallery you want to post. Then choose your Viewing Option and then copy the code,

This family was so fun to photograph! The kids were awesome and mom brought bubbles for them to play with, which made it even better!:) As you can see, we do more "lifestyle" sessions, than posed sessions. These are also unretouched proofs. They have not gone through the final edit yet, which happens after the final ordering session. :)

Lauren is our very first 2012 Senior Model! We had so much fun photographing Lauren, especially since she does Roller Derby! How awesome!!:) Enjoy her images!