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Stephen and I went to Sallee School yesterday in Kansas City. We like to make sure we are participating in ongoing training in the photography and photography business world, in order to be better photographers and business people for our clients. Sallee School is a tour that brings photography and business information to cities across the nation. We were fortunate enough to see JB Sallee and Richard Sturdevant speak yesterday. We had seen the Sallees when they came through last year on the Turn the Key tour with Lori Nordstrom, and we were very impressed with them, so we were really excited to go see JB speak again. We had never seen Richard speak, but he was a real treat as well! What an artist!! When we got home, I told the following story to Xander, our 11 year old son, when he asked how the seminar was: "We had a lot

Stephen and I have been discussing this a lot lately, as we see more and more adult-oriented photographs of minors. How young is too young for these suggestive photographs? We photograph mainly high school seniors as well as models. We know there are seniors out there that want their photographs to be a bit more edgy. We don't mind this at all! We love edgy photographs. However, these photographs can still be done with class. Our senior girls know if they are showing too much skin or cleavage, we will discreetly let them know so they can take care of it. We have a responsibility to them to help them retain their modesty as well as their dignity during their photo shoot. I always say, "moms and dads don't want to see that!" Well, you know what, nobody should want to see that. They are not yet adults, for the

Many people wonder what they should wear to their photo shoot. We want you to be comfortable and look like a rock star! You want to plan your outfits ahead of time, so we don't have to use up shooting time on the day of the shoot for this type of thing. You can contact us whenever you have any questions about what to wear. For seniors, we suggest one outfit that the senior picks out, one outfit that Mom picks out and one you pick out together! Bring a few outfits, don't forget the accessories, shoes, etc. We suggest bringing more than you plan to wear, in case an outfit doesn't work with the background you want or you just want to try something different. Definitely bring things you LOVE, things that are YOUR style! We also have some clothes in the studio you can play with! If you still