For those who wonder what exactly we photograph, we just want to let you know, we don’t just shoot high school seniors!:)

We LOVE photographing seniors! If we had to choose just one category to photograph, high school seniors would win, hands down! We love how fun they are, and they help keep us young! It also helps that we have 3 sons, ages 19, 17 and 11. THEY also keep us young! I am always asking Dylan, our 17 year old, what music I should be listening to now… just so I can stay in tune with what teens these days are listening to. (And for the most part, I LOVE his taste in music!!)

However, if we could add on only one more group to photograph, I would definitely choose glamour! I love making already beautiful women feel even more beautiful!! icon smile We Dont Just Shoot Seniors! :) Here is a teaser of what we have done with glamour:

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Aren’t they GORGEOUS!!??

Although we prefer to photograph high-school seniors and beautiful women/models, we do also photograph a limited amount of other portraits sessions, including families, babies, children, etc.

This week only, we are having an AWESOME special! Because we are having a Living Social deal for high school seniors, we have decided to have a $99 special on ALL Classic sessions this week! Just contact us for details! Can’t wait to photograph you!:)