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So, you might be wondering what being on the Free Spirit Street Team entails. No, you don't have to hit the streets handing out fliers! :) Basically, you will get some business cards and post cards to hand out that have Free Spirit Photography's information on them. Add your name to them, and when someone calls or e-mails to book a session, they just give us your name and you get credit for that referral! Why would you want to join the street team? Um, to earn free photo shoots, free photo products, and be in our exclusive drawings for great prizes!! Right now, we are giving away a Kindle Fire!! To qualify, become a Street Team member and refer ONE paid shoot! That's all!! Once we get 1 referral from each of 6 team members we will be giving drawing a name for the Kindle Fire! How do you earn points?

You want to hire a photographer, but there are so many in your area that you don't know which one to choose? Just follow a few simple guidelines when making this tough decision: PLEASE, hire a professional! Don't just hire your neighbor who just bought their first digital camera! These are your memories... they are too precious to be gambled with! Look for someone who is interested in YOU as a person, not just a client! Also, make sure they are a good fit personality-wise with you. If you are more conservative, but the photographer is more fun-loving, or vice versa, they might not be a good fit for you. Look for someone whose STYLE fits yours. Check out their portfolio... do these photographs jump out at you and really play to your emotions? Great! Then that is probably the photographer for you! However, if their photographs do not speak to you, you

I got into a debate recently with a fellow photographer about pricing. I was arguing that marking up prints 1000% was unreasonable, and that not many people could afford that. She told me that not everyone deserves custom photography. I disagree with this! Why should people who are not wealthy have to go to a "big box store," or a beginner who doesn't know how to properly expose for the current lighting condition, for mediocre photography? Or possibly not even get pictures of their family or high school senior at all because it is too expensive?   I think why it struck home so hard was that WE are in that category... the unwealthy, lower-middle class... the exact individuals she was saying don't deserve custom photography. Because we are "poor," we only deserve crappy photography or no photography at all(and I know how THAT goes, because I was one of the kids

    Name: Andrew Stasiak High School: Liberty High School Involved in : Cheerleading, Football & Orchestra Enjoys: Hanging out with lots of friends, having his photo taken, and teaching preschoolers To book a session, please contact us and make sure you mention Andrew referred you, so he gets credit!:)