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We are using a new site for allowing our clients to view and purchase prints and products, so we thought a tutorial on how to use the site might be a good idea!!:) First, you will get a link to your gallery. Go to that link. Then, you will see something like this:   Then click on a photo you would like to purchase. Or, just click the BUY button, if you want to choose the images all at once that you would like to purchase: Click the BUY button, and you will see several print options you can choose from. Also note the PRODUCTS button. Make sure you go there as well, because there are more options to purchase under that tab!:)   Under quantity, choose how many of each size you wish to purchase. When you have chosen all the sizes you want for that image, click Add to Cart:   When you are finished choosing all your prints

Happy 4th of July!:) Many of you will go watch the fantastic fireworks displays towns and cities grace us with tonight, and many of you will want to capture beautiful images of this amazing show of sparks and colors! I thought I would lay out some tips that might be helpful! First, you don't necessarily need a professional camera to get good shots of fireworks. For this image I just used Instagram on my Android phone: Not PERFECT, but still really cool!!:) Second, if you have a tripod, USE IT! You need to be really steady to get really good shots of fireworks. You will be using longer shutter speeds than usual to capture the brilliance of fireworks, so any camera shake is definitely going to show up in the photo, and you don't want that! If you are using a DSLR, I would (as always) suggest shooting on Manual mode, because this gives

So, it is sooooo hot outside, so we decided to have a sale! LOL A STUDIO SESSION sale!! This sale is 3-fold: All FULL session fees are half price: $100 for full studio session! (No limit on number of sessions, but sale will end Friday, July 6th at midnight!) 10 in 20 Promotion: a day of mini photo shoots for only $50 per shoot! You get 10 poses in 20 minutes, 1 custom timeline template, a digi album for your cell phone, and special Premier Pricing on all products! (Only TEN sessions available!) Portraits & Packs Promotion: this is a special charity benefit to gather backpacks and school supplies for students who cannot afford them! {Backpacks and school supplies will be donated to United Services in Tracy, MO} This is $75 per mini session and includes a 5x10 Storyboard with Easel! (Only 20 sessions available over 2 days!)   So, just pick option one, two