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I spend my entire day today cleaning the house and editing... not at the same time, of course, but during both I was listening to this: The Thriving Photographer... If you are a professional photographer or are on your way to becoming a professional photographer, out of all the other things I have read, listened to, etc. The Thriving Photographer has to be the most comprehensive photography business training tool available. I have listened to the audio training all the way through at least 4 times. I have my binder that Leah(Remillet of Go{4}Pro Photos) suggests we make. I was very leery about spending money on this, but it just seemed like it was totally worth it. Leah is very down to earth and very honest, and knowing these things and that she has a money back guarantee, I decided to go 4 it! Today, I was being kind of down about the business.

So, recently I decided I really wanted to get into hand lettering, so I bought a calligraphy book, but I also got these 2 Zentangle books that I am in love with!! I've also pinned some Zentangle examples, like this one: And here is result: Ok, I'm trying to do this from my phone so I will have to add the photo later... But check my Facebook or Twitter and you will see it right away lol Ok, so there it is! Not GREAT, definitely NOT perfect... but not too bad for my first try!:)  

So, yeah, this is ambitious, but hopefully if I have enough people pulling for me, I can do it! ;) So, anyway, I needed to make a birthday card for a friend and co-worker, so I found this card on Pinterest: Thank you card. I loved the mottled background, so that is what I used for my "card" for Michelle: Hope she likes it!!:)  

Ok, so over the weekend we had so much fun going to scout locations for Julia's shoot! I am using the Camera Awesome app to take photos of the locations we want to shoot eventually... I love the app, because it is just a really good camera for the iPhone, but my favorite thing is that it keeps the GPS coordinates, so I can get BACK to the spot later without having to remember where it is! lol This is a great thing for ME, because I get lost EVERYWHERE!   School started last week, and of course we took a few Instagram photos of the boys on their first day... we now have one boy is college, one boy in his last year of elementary school and one boy in his last year of high school! Sigh... they DO grow up way too fast! See what I mean!!?? lol

So, you have booked a session, but you don't know what to do from there? Let me help you out a bit!:) We LOVE to plan your session. With Free Spirit Photography, you get CUSTOM photography, which means we plan a session all around you, ABOUT YOU! These are YOUR photos, we want them to reflect WHO YOU ARE! For high school seniors, we have you fill out our Senior Portrait Profile, so we can learn more about you, your hobbies, activities, likes, etc. If you have any props you want to bring, such as a collection of dance shoes, an instrument, etc., please let us know and bring those things with you to your shoot! For those who book The Experience  session with hair & makeup with our stylist, Samantha, we go one step further... we design an Inspiration Board for your shoot. This includes clothing styles we think you will

We loved capturing the love these 2 have for each other. They were married but living in different states, and just recently Pragna e-mailed me to let me know they are finally reunited and doing some house hunting! They were just so full of love, we didn't want to stop photographing them!!:) And while we were shooting, this little family of geese wandered by, so we had to take a photo!

This guy has such a nice smile, but even more importantly, he has a great head on his shoulders! I expect great things from this young man! Good luck in all you do, D'Eric!

Allison has had 2 shoots with us, and both were amazing! She had dyed her hair brown before the first shoot, so she decided to do another shoot when she went back to her natural color. I could photograph her all day! She is so beautiful and fun!:)

Oh gosh, I just adore this entire family!! Clayton recently got drafted into the Tampa Bay Rays to play baseball! His family is so proud of him and so are we!:) Look at this guy, though... seriously, he always has MODELING to fall back on!!;)  

We had a Profile Picture Party a while back and had several people come and play with us! :)