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I am soooo loving that SmugMug and Photography Blogsites have teamed up to integrate SmugMug galleries into your blogsite! This is awesome!:) So, here is how it works: Load your images into SmugMug. I am using photos I took of my son, but normally I would be loading my watermarked proofs into a proofing gallery. Second, you will want to change a setting in SmugMug: Go to Tools - Gallery Settings - Then under Security & Privacy, make sure you click YES to External Links! If you don't click YES, your gallery will not come up in your blog post! (Ask me how I know this! lol) Then, you will just click on the button in your Add New Post page that says SmugMug. That will bring you to THIS page: Where it says Choose a Gallery, just drop down and click the gallery you want to post. Then choose your Viewing Option and then copy the code,