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So, I thought I would write a post about what we are doing to prepare for WPPI. So, here is a list of things we are taking, what classes we are attending, etc. This is our "master" list. Feel free to share any tips via the comments, since this is our first year!:) What to Bring to Vegas: (This is just the list I made for myself! ) Business Cards - LOTS of these, I guess they do drawings and you have to enter with your biz card! Plus to hand out to other attendees! Business casual clothing - they say wear what you would wear when meeting with clients. Some people say jeans during the day or business casual, and dressier at night. I figure I am going to do business casual most of the time, even for the evening, because I don't plan to go anywhere black tie! LOL Comfortable shoes - this


Happy New Year! Isn't it wonderful that we have a new year to start over, to forget all our mistakes from last year, to wipe the slate clean? Of course the good memories of 2010 will live on, in our hearts, in our minds, in photographs. I have decided to do the 365 Day Photo Project. So, I will be posting a photo each day. I will not be putting a lot of rules and constraints on my picture taking. I will just take whatever I decide I want to take!:) This will be a great way to document 2011! What will YOU do to keep 2011 a great memory!?

I'm very excited for this weekend's shoot! We are shooting Tia, and she's wonderful and beautiful, so I am very excited to get to spend the day with her and take some awesome pictures! We plan to start in the morning with the West Bottoms, and then go to lunch(she is a family friend, so this is not the norm for our shoots, but really, if we get along with our client well, just hit it off, and we are extending a shoot in the afternoon, then sure, we can do lunch in between!) then possibly find an indoor venue to practice some indoor lighting techniques! I will post pictures as soon as I get them ready to post!:)

I finally broke down and decided I needed a professional site in order to promote my professional business! Bear with me while I get this all up and going!:)